Calla Deetlefs is a professional Land Surveyor with more than 40 years experience in the geomatics industry specializing in Sectional Title and Cadastral Surveys. He is Registered at SAGC with Reg No: PLS0136D
Eric Munyai is an experienced Survey and Engineer Technician, as well as Town Planner and Project Manager. He is affiliated with: The South African Council of Professional and Technical Surveyors,  South African Council for Town and Regional Planners, National Home Builders Registration Council, South African Council for the Architectural Profession and he also serves as member of the Mpumalanga Township Board from 1998 to date as well as the Mpumalanga Tribunal Board from 2001 to date.
Karel Landman has extensive practical & management experience in the Mining & Minerals Sector as well as practical experience in Engineering and Precision Surveying. He has specialized knowledge & experience in Mineral & Mining Economics and Mineral Resource Management. He is a Professional Mine Surveyor Registered at SAGC with Reg No: PMS0050 and has a Government Mine Surveyors Certificate of Competincy No: 1292
Lourens Schoeman, a Surveyor with 17 years experience in Cadastral, Engineering and Mine Surveying. National Certificate in Surveying, TSMA (2012-2014) & National Diploma in Mine Surveying, UNISA (2019-2021).